Gift Guide for Cake Bakers

On the hunt for the perfect present for the baker in your life? If you’re shopping for someone who’s already a serious baker, or a friend who is hoping to take their baking to the next level, you can’t go wrong with this gift guide

gift guide for cake lovers

Gift Guide for Cake Bakers

  • Food scale. While many novice bakers simply pour the flour in their measuring cup when making a cake, it’s best to use a food scale. Many recipes list flour quantities by weight, not by cup. The experienced baker in your life will certainly appreciate this addition to their kitchen. It’s the most precise way to bake!
scale and knife
  • Cake batter dispenser. No matter how hard you try, it’s nearly impossible to transfer batter from the bowl to the cake pan without spilling some on the counter, creating extra work for yourself when you’re cleaning up. A cake batter dispenser can be a helpful tool to easily transfer your batter from the bowl to your tray spill-free. Many include measuring lines on the side to show you exactly how much you’re pouring. This feature is especially helpful when making cupcakes or mini loaves.
  • Cupcake corer. Ready to experiment with filled cupcakes? A cupcake corer can be the perfect gift for someone who enjoys creme-stuffed cakes and desserts.
  • Cake carrier. Baking is a ton of fun, but the real joy often comes from sharing the treats we make with others. Help the seasoned baker in your life share their creations with friends and family by gifting them a cake carrier. These protective plastic domes prevent cakes from getting squished en route to their destination and will be well-received by any baker in your life. You can get them in both round and rectangle for 2 layer and 9×13 cakes.
cake carriers
  • Cake Turntable. For the person who dabbles in cake decorating, a turntable will make the job much, much easier. Applying smooth, consistent layers of icing or frosting is a breeze when you can rotate the cake instead of your hand.
  • Flour Sifter. Most recipes recommend sifting your flour instead of scooping it out and adding it to the mix in a lump. The beginning baker likely won’t worry about this nuance, but someone who takes their baking more seriously is sure to appreciate this tool. Flour sifters aren’t exactly common kitchen appliances, so if you’d like to surprise them with a gift they probably don’t already have, a flour sifter is a safe bet!
flour sifter
  • Baking class. If the baker in your life is really getting serious about their craft, surprise them with a lesson to improve their skills. Find a local cooking school that offers a half-day on the weekend, or explore websites like Craftsy to find virtual courses to fine-tune their skills.
  • Cake leveler. To make a great layer cake, you need to carefully stack one smooth surface on top of another. Cakes tend to come out of the oven with a domed top, so you’ll want to take care of that before you create your towering masterpiece. A long, sharp kitchen knife can do the job in a pinch, but the baker in your life will certainly see the benefit of using a cake leveling tool to ensure a smooth, clean cut.
  • Cake Plate. A cute cake plate is always a good idea if you’re not sure what tools your baker friend already has!
cake plate
  • Storage container set. It isn’t super glamorous, but this is a thoughtful gift for the baker in your life who purchases baking supplies in bulk. Many experienced bakers have learned a helpful trick – it’s much cheaper to buy flour, salt, spices, baking powder, and other supplies in larger quantities from wholesale stores than it is to purchase individual packs at the local supermarket. However, it can be a struggle to store these bulk items in an easy-to-access way. A smart set of storage containers could be the perfect solution.
flour container
  • Kitchenaid Mixer. If you’re willing to splurge, no baker would turn down a KitchenAid stand mixer. This is the ultimate tool of the trade. Any baker would be thrilled to receive this tool, which will help them whip up professional-quality batters, doughs, and desserts with the press of a button.

What are you favorite kitchen tools that you’d add to this gift guide?

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