Gifts for Beginning Bakers

Looking for the perfect gift for the person in your life who wants to bake more? Here is a list of all of the essential gifts for beginning bakers to get them started!

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Buying a gift for a beginning baker shouldn’t be that hard. Someone just getting comfortable in the kitchen usually hasn’t invested a ton of money into baking supplies.

Whether you stick with a classic gift such as a mixing bowl or opt for something a little more niche like a cute cake plate, you really can’t go wrong. Here are a handful of suggestions the baker in your life is sure to appreciate.

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  • Cake pan. Surprise your beginning baker with a new cake pan to add to their collection. Bundt cake pans, square cake pans, sheet cake pans, round cake pans, and cupcake pans are a few safe choices. If you want to splurge on a pan with a more personal touch, you can find bakeware in a variety of novelty shapes, from books to bears.
stack of bundt cake pans
  • Mixing bowls. A solid set of mixing bowls can make an excellent gift for a new baker. Most cakes simply can’t be made with one bowl, so it’s always helpful to have several onhand in varying sizes. Consider plastic mixing bowls with spouts on the side for pouring batter into trays, or metal sets with silicone bases to prevent slippage on counters. I love the bowls pictured below!
  • Silicone spatula set. Silicone spatulas conform to the shape of your bowl and ensure you can scoop out every last bit of your cake batter. These usually come in sets of three or four, with a large spatulat to suit your mixing bowls, a small one to suit your measuring cup, and one or two somewhere in between.
silicone spatulas and bowls
  • Decorating tips. If your friend is starting to get serious about baking cakes, they’re probably ready to start frosting their cakes with a little finesse, making swirls, shells and basket weave. Invest in a cake decorating tip set and a few pastry bags to set them up with everything they need to start.
  • Pastry bags. You can cut the corner off of any plastic resealable bag in a pinch, but pastry bags are a little easier to handle when learning how to frost a cake. These go hand in hand with decorating tips and make a great gift as a duo. We find it easiest to use disposable pastry bags since cleaning them can be tricky.
Cream Cheese Frosting in cookie sandwiches
  • Apron. Baking cakes is a messy business! You can have some fun with this one and opt for a novelty apron, or you can be a bit more thoughtful and find a classic design they’re certain to appreciate.
  • Cookbook. There are hundreds of cookbooks on the market for people just beginning to learn how to bake cakes. Find one that focuses on the classic recipes like red velvet and German chocolate, or choose a quirky cupcake-focused book for a fun twist. We love Sally’s Baking Addiction cookbooks!
cake knife and server
  • Cake knife. There’s nothing worse than going to cut the cake and finding the best tool for the job is an everyday steak knife. A cake knife ensures a clean cut and helps you serve the perfect slice in a classy way each time.
  • Cake stand. This certainly isn’t a must-have, but gifting a cake stand is a fun way to help the beginning baker in your life present their cakes with pride. We like simple white cake stands with cute sayings, but you can also find gorgeous colored and wood slab cake stands in kitchen stores and on Amazon.
cake plate
  • Hand mixer. Whipping up batters by hand can be exhausting, but a beginning cake baker may not be ready to take the plunge and invest in a stand mixer just yet. An electric hand mixer is the perfect solution. This 7 speed hand mixer will make mixing cakes and frostings a breeze.
how to make sour cream frosting

What did we miss? Tell us your MUST-HAVE kitchen tools for making baked goods!

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